Business content

Retail sales

We sell products at famous retail stores all over Japan.

ES site sales

By formulating a detailed sales strategy for each product, you can sell (deliver) the expected customer's product.

Platform sales

We can sell your products at, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba, BASE, etc.

Import and export

Our mission is to deliver excellent products to domestic and overseas customers with excitement.

Advertising agency

With our wealth of experience and knowledge,
we select the best solution for your advertising strategy and achieve your product sales goals.

Corporate consulting

If you have a great product, let us help you deliver it to you.

WEB marketing

We can build the main sales process in-house, from advertising strategy to email delivery, customer list,
education, sales strategy to maximize purchase motivation, and payment method construction.


Crowdfunding PR is the best choice if you want to spread great products in Japan.
Crowdfunding campaigns can get a lot of attention from major retailers in the country.

We know how to crowdfund new products to further accelerate subsequent sales.